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Long time amateur garden enthusiast and writer Sheila Averbuch is holding her second ever plant sale this weekend in aid of rare disease research.

The sale takes place this Saturday from 10am to 1pm in the garden of Mercat Cottage - access the garden via the drive next to the bus stop taking the left path.

The sale takes place this Saturday from 10am to 1pm in the garden of Mercat Cottage – access the garden via the drive next to the bus stop taking the left path.

Also a gardening blogger under the moniker ‘The Stopwatch Gardener’ (www.stopwatchgardener.com), Sheila is holding the sale just outside Edinburgh in her own garden at Mercat Cottage in Pencaitland (opposite the Spar Shop) this Saturday, May 24th between 10am and 1pm, offering plants from some of Britain’s favourite nurseries.

Following the success of the first Rare Plants for Rare Disease Research fundraiser in 2012, the event on 24 May will again dedicate all profits to the Advocacy for Neuroacanthocytosis Patients (www.naadvocacy.org). The Advocacy is a registered charity which sponsors research into this extremely rare neurological disorder, which may one day shed light on other neuro-degenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and Alzheimer’s.

As Sheila explains, “Like other families affected by rare disease, my friends Ginger and Glenn Irvine are helping fund their own research into the ultra-rare disease that affects their daughter Alex. Plant enthusiasts are often keen collectors of rarities, and I thought a sale of unusual plants would be a good way to raise funds and awareness. Coming at the end of Chelsea week, the sale is a great way to celebrate the season and support an important cause.”

Tea, Coffee & chat

There will also be a selection of home baking and hot drinks on offer whilst visitors take the weight off their feet. All the baking on offer comes from the generous support of local volunteers.

Macplants, Binny Plants, Beth Chatto Gardens, Crug Farm, David Austin Roses and Kevock Gardens support

Donations of plants have already been received from both internationally renowned plants growers as well as strong local support and Frank Kirwan of Humbie Dean, the organiser of East Lothian Garden Trail.

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Pencaitland Primary School’s PTA is planning for plenty of fun activities at this year’s annual Spring Fayre which takes place on the 31st of May between 1pm and 4pm so make sure you make a date in your diary.

As with past years, anyone getting their faces painted or simply wanting a photo keyring, can pose for a snap and they will be able to collect the their personalised keyring(s) from school reception a few days later.

As with past years, anyone getting their faces painted or simply wanting a photo keyring, can pose for a snap and they will be able to collect the their personalised keyring(s) from school reception a few days later.

Organisers are expecting a fun filled event full of games, science, bouncy castles, cycle smoothies and much more. This year the kids are organising their own games challenge as well as crafts. Volunteer slots (see below) are for 1.5 hours each so you will have time to enjoy the afternoon even if you do give a little help on the day. Volunteers can contact the PTA via email PPSPTA1@gmail.com.

As in previous years the PTA would be grateful for any of the following:

Donations: Used Books and toys, tombola items, lucky dip items. Please contact Charlotte on 01875 340987 for uplift, take early donations to 26 Vinefields or from the 26th May, bring donations directly to the school office.

Baking: As much as you can make for the Cafe and Cake stall!

Your time: Setting up, clearing away, manning the stalls.

Your money!: Selling raffle tickets. Donations for raffle prizes please contact PPSPTA1@gmail.com.

So pop on down on the day and enjoy the activities, food and fun, whilst helping to raise much needed funds for PTA support of the school.

Past years at the PTA Spring Fayre

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With a queue across the school’s playing field and the weather holding, this year’s Pencaitland PTA Fun Run proved a great success.

This year's Pencaitland PTA Fun Run included a 3.5, 5 and 10k run plus a 10k bike run. Photo by Bob Marshall.

This year’s Pencaitland PTA Fun Run included a 3.5, 5 and 10k run plus a 10k bike run. Photo by Bob Marshall.

Just 24 hours earlier it was uncertain what the weather would hold. Many were expecting rain. The previous evening it had been raining, sometimes heavily, so this was a reasonable fear. Yet, come the appointed hour the skies held and there were even moments when the Sun shone through cloudy skies. In the end, for the duration of the Pencaitland PTA Fun Run 2014 the weather held up and no one had to contend with an unwelcome drenching.


We were fortunate to have the welcome presence of Sports photographer Bob Marshall who took a number of photos at this year’s event. You can find these images here and here. Bob also has a page on Facebook.

Meantime you can see pictures below taken by both Sheila and Ralph Averbuch during the course of the day’s event. If you don’t see them then you can view the Flickr set here.


Here are Saturday’s time results for the various Fun Runs that took place:

To read the results simply follow this guide – the first number is the place, the second is the Bib number, followed by the participant’s name and then the recorded time.

5k Juniors

1 63 Angus Chandler 00:23:43
2 25 Iona Riley 00:24:45
3 52 Robbie Anderson 00:24:59

3.5k Juniors

1 392 Angus Wright 00:16:08
2 633 Callum Paton 00:16:50
3 634 Robbie Paton 00:16:54

10k First Adult Female

486 Mhairi Todd 00:34:57

10k First Adult Male

522 David Wright 00:36:11

5k First Adult Female

23 Lisa MacDonald 00:21:38

5k First Adult Male

66 Simon Cunningham 00:22:28

10k bike

1 230 Cole Dean
2 282 Derek Ward
3 228 Lauren Dean

Here are all times for all events:

3.5k results

1 392 Angus Wright 00:16:08
2 633 Callum Paton 00:16:50
3 634 Robbie Paton 00:16:54
4 342 Colin Riley 00:17:15
5 341 Duncan Riley 00:17:30
6 393 Innes Wright 00:17:56
7 391 Megan Wright 00:18:05
8 626 Jack Renton 00:18:18
9 93 Ben Neighbour 00:18:40
10 335 Murray Clark 00:19:05
11 373 Ross Cadzow 00:19:53
12 58 Gabriel Simpson 00:20:14
13 604 Peter Kennedy 00:20:22
14 614 Max Clark 00:20:24
15 336 Chrissie Clark 00:20:34
16 400 Marnie Horne 00:20:52
17 615 Oliver Bonnington 00:21:00
18 334 Fraser Clark 00:21:17
19 625 Simon Renton 00:21:37
20 379 Ian Hemsley 00:21:41
21 382 Gemma Darling 00:21:58
22 613 Harry Clark 00:22:08
23 358 Tom Young 00:22:12
24 333 Rosie Clark 00:22:13
25 616 Sarah Bonnington 00:22:13
26 381 Lynn Darling 00:22:57
27 57 Ewan Mitchell 00:23:03
28 347 Cameron Devos 00:23:05
29 346 Kerry Devos 00:23:49
30 380 Stuart Hemsley 00:23:53
31 369 James Campbell 00:24:05
32 71 Rosie Ford 00:24:15
33 386 Alex Bacon 00:24:21
34 370 Calvin Campbell 00:24:30
35 338 Ella McMillan 00:24:43
36 398 Owen Hastie 00:24:44
37 357 Rachel Young 00:24:45
38 349 Ellen Brown 00:24:46
39 396 Sam Hill 00:24:50
40 394 Donna Hill 00:24:51
41 74 Laura Overfield 00:25:07
42 354 Rudie Shearer 00:25:14
43 353 Colin Shearer 00:25:15
44 364 Mara Popa 00:25:29
45 605 Michael Kennedy 00:25:30
46 602 Aidan Riley 00:25:35
47 388 Arran Bacon 00:25:38
48 343 Andrew Warren 00:25:51
49 344 Katelyn Warren 00:25:52
50 376 Cerys Wright 00:25:56
51 375 Andrew Anderson 00:25:57
52 640 Peter Coghlan 00:26:02
53 641 Oliver Coghlan 00:26:02
54 72 Magnus Ford 00:26:13
55 73 Nick Overfield 00:26:14
56 70 Liz Partington 00:26:18
57 365 Nick Hufstetler 00:26:52
58 387 Holly Bacon 00:26:52
59 601 Ruari Horne 00:27:09
60 399 Kareeli Calowell 00:27:11
61 374 Niamh Cadzow 00:27:15
62 337 Neil McMillan 00:27:15
63 339 Lucy McMillan 00:27:18
64 383 Derek Gray 00:27:22
65 384 Lucy Gray 00:27:23
66 56 Dean Mitchell 00:27:32
67 352 Joshua Fraser 00:27:40
68 363 Sophie Marshall 00:27:41
69 362 Steven Marshall 00:27:42
70 355 Amy Hamilton 00:27:44
71 603 Val Kennedy 00:27:56
72 635 James Paton 00:29:59
73 80 Matt Galvin 00:30:00
74 82 Charlie Galvin 00:30:10
75 397 Molly Mack 00:30:50
76 395 Shirley Mack 00:31:11
77 77 Andrew McWilliam-Snow 00:31:17
78 636 Paul Bayter 00:31:37
79 638 Cameron Smith 00:31:50
80 637 Connor Smith 00:31:50
81 639 Hope Wilson 00:31:59
82 371 Warren Campbell 00:32:11
83 629 Ava Sumon 00:33:44
84 360 Alexander McShane 00:33:47
85 361 Fergus McShane 00:33:49
86 359 John McShane 00:34:02
87 628 Jake Sumon 00:34:06
88 631 Anna Wood 00:34:15
89 624 Malcolm Sinclair 00:34:28
90 630 James Wood 00:34:42
91 627 Alan Sumon 00:35:02
92 623 Evie Sinclair 00:35:16
93 621 Fiona Sinclair 00:35:42
94 622 Robin Sinclair 00:35:55
95 377 Ray Todhunter 00:35:58
96 378 Anya Todhunter 00:36:01
97 389 Jackie McCreery 00:36:24
98 348 Tracey Elm 00:37:24
99 350 Modoli McInnes 00:37:34
100 79 Christine Galvin 00:39:48
101 82 Charlie Galvin 00:39:48
102 81 Murphy Galvin 00:40:01
103 78 Oliver Hack 00:40:32
104 75 Emma Hack 00:41:19
105 607 Adam Wells 00:42:15
106 611 Kyle McDonald 00:44:39
107 368 Katie Fairgrieve 00:44:43
108 618 Kenny Smith 00:44:43
109 620 Samuel Smith 00:44:44
110 617 Becky Smith 00:44:44
111 619 Jessie Smith 00:44:52
112 610 Derek McDonald 00:44:56
113 612 Teresa Straczywski 00:45:01
114 366 Craig Fairgrieve 00:45:02
115 85 Jennifer Galagher 00:49:25
116 83 Phillipa Headley 00:49:31
117 84 Hattie Harley 00:49:32
118 67 Nick Matheson 00:50:43
119 68 Rhona Matheson 00:50:43
120 69 James Matheson 00:50:50

5k results

1 23 Lisa MacDonald 00:21:38
2 66 Simon Cunningham 00:22:28
3 63 Angus Chandler 00:23:43
4 25 Iona Riley 00:24:45
5 52 Robbie Anderson 00:24:59
6 61 Paul Scott-Fleming 00:25:05
7 86 Tom Harley 00:25:06
8 27 Jamie Cherrie 00:26:54
9 21 Leigh Gilchrist 00:27:31
10 28 Zoe Moor 00:28:13
11 59 Connor Moore 00:29:39
12 24 Lesley Marshall 00:30:28
13 50 Sara Noble 00:30:41
14 29 Sarah Moor 00:31:05
15 53 Oscar Smith 00:31:44
16 60 Robert Scott-Fleming 00:31:47
17 55 Diane Lawson 00:31:59
18 64 Annabella Deane 00:32:01
19 49 Kerry Angus 00:32:36
20 44 Emma Hamilton 00:32:36
21 33 Orla Donlevy 00:32:37
22 31 Lauren Millar 00:32:43
23 37 Caitlin Obrien 00:32:47
24 32 Valerie Donlevy 00:32:56
25 54 Rob Smith 00:33:01
26 47 Lou Johnston Todhunter 00:33:16
27 36 Gill Obrien 00:33:25
28 22 Kayleigh Jeffrey 00:33:26
29 48 Lynne Conacher 00:33:43
30 46 Christine Howson 00:33:56
31 41 Laraine Wells 00:34:01
32 40 Marion Watt 00:34:25
33 65 Eilidh Cane 00:34:26
34 62 Abigail Scott-Fleming 00:34:31
35 30 Katy Thomson 00:36:05
36 35 Ewan Sneddon 00:36:43
37 34 Scott Sneddon 00:36:58
38 43 Donna Hamilton 00:40:06
39 26 Susan Spilsbury 00:40:23
40 38 Natasha Hoffmann 00:43:19
41 51 Jennifer Anton 00:43:23
42 42 Angela Kennedy 00:57:00

10k results

1 486 Mhairi Todd 00:34:57
2 522 David Wright 00:36:11
3 459 Johnny Lawson 00:36:36
4 502 Michael Fullerton 00:36:37
5 511 Stuart Hay 00:36:59
6 523 Jamie Crawford 00:37:02
7 531 David Hughes 00:37:07
8 517 Ian Sills 00:38:46
9 444 Matthew Craig 00:39:20
10 471 Grant Noble 00:39:20
11 504 Innes Ogilvie 00:39:23
12 516 Richard Ell 00:40:48
13 461 Sarah Louise MacIsaac 00:41:05
14 437 Victoria Bailie 00:41:52
15 507 Rhona Anderson 00:42:23
16 484 Yana Thandrayen 00:42:47
17 474 Julie Oswald 00:43:23
18 520 Brian Davidson 00:43:38
19 505 Jacob Walker 00:43:55
20 477 Brian Reid 00:43:57
21 534 Charlie Blair 00:44:31
22 533 Paul Thompson 00:44:33
23 515 Stevie Allan 00:44:52
24 469 Jude Moir 00:45:16
25 532 Kerry Costello 00:45:16
26 447 Euan Gilchrist 00:45:21
27 455 Ruth Johnstone 00:45:34
28 493 John McGaff 00:45:45
29 449 Iain Gordon 00:45:48
30 476 John Porteous 00:46:26
31 494 Sam McGaff 00:47:26
32 514 Gary Darling 00:47:34
33 456 Isobel Joiner 00:48:17
34 521 Alison McNeillage 00:48:26
35 526 Iain Horlie 00:48:31
36 535 Philip Short 00:48:47
37 487 John Underwood 00:49:22
38 457 Sadie Kemp 00:50:15
39 510 Anne Hay 00:50:25
40 489 Pamela Whitlie 00:50:46
41 451 Kenny Gunn-Russell 00:51:14
42 458 Daniel Kershaw 00:51:19
43 483 Trevor Springford 00:51:39
44 481 Owen Siddals 00:52:08
45 525 Jonathan Barclay 00:52:10
46 512 Mark Fry 00:52:31
47 446 Nicola Finlayson 00:52:42
48 441 David Brackenridge 00:52:49
49 473 Francis Ogilvy 00:53:21
50 450 Machael Greens 00:54:01
51 442 Peter Cleat 00:54:32
52 434 Louisa Armstrong 00:54:36
53 465 Agnes McKnight 00:55:20
54 468 Stephanie McVie 00:55:30
55 496 Keith Thomson 00:55:49
56 518 Jane Timms 00:56:27
57 513 John Hughes 00:57:22
58 436 Jennifer Atkinson 00:57:26
59 491 Steven Holligan 00:59:08
60 492 David MacKinnon 00:59:09
61 470 Tim Neighbour 01:00:12
62 490 Gillian Christian 01:00:15
63 480 Val Shields 01:00:32
64 519 Theresa Davidson 01:00:41
65 438 Lynne Bell 01:02:52
66 528 Leah Wood 01:03:13
67 448 Alison Glencorse 01:03:47
68 509 Pauline Kennedy 01:04:01
69 478 Catriona Scott 01:04:02
70 529 Leanne Joss 01:04:17
71 499 Anna Derricourt 01:04:48
72 454 Gavin John 01:05:01
73 503 Sara Fairgrieve 01:05:22
74 440 Amanda Blus 01:05:36
75 501 Lynn Kirkwood 01:06:24
76 500 Helen Spencer 01:07:07
77 443 Marie Craft 01:07:08
78 524 Helen MacInnes 01:08:08
79 479 Mary Scott 01:10:01
80 488 Bernadette Ward 01:10:11
81 485 Lesley Thomson 01:10:36
82 460 Lesley Logan 01:12:37
83 497 Louise Brenchley 01:12:42
84 506 Pauline Grant 01:13:10
85 508 Kylie Duncan 01:13:16
86 453 Kate Henderson 01:17:41
87 498 Jen Kerr 01:17:44
88 472 Michele O’Donnell 01:20:04

Biathlon results

1 642 Harvey Taylor 00:22:07 01:01:08

10k Bike Results

1 230 Cole Dean
2 282 Derek Ward
3 228 Lauren Dean
4 274 Duncan Kennedy
5 242 Anton Devin
6 217 Jamie Gallagher
7 278 David Torrance
8 245 Simon Cunningham
9 246 Fiona Cunningham
10 224 Charlie Smith
11 223 Valerie Smith
12 267 Ralph Averbuch
13 268 Ben Averbuch
14 362 Steven Marshall
15 284 Samuel Ward
16 219 Hamish Mainstone
17 218 Mila Mainstone
18 270 Campbell Mack
19 271 Sam Walford
20 256 Callum Cawl
21 280 Daniel Torrance
22 269 Dean Mack
23 243 Keitrin Devin
24 262 Charles Taylor
25 232 Cecile Starsmeare
26 283 Robin Ward
27 281 Samuel Torrance
28 211 James Davie
29 212 Prentice Davie
30 237 Robbi Stenhouse
31 248 Theo Ballantine
32 92 Nicky Neighbour
33 247 Colin Ballantine
34 221 Joel Atkinson
35 258 Carol Snow
36 253 Ian McCall
37 94 Rachel Neighbour
38 252 Erin Macpherson
39 216 Molly Budgen
40 287 Charlie Henderson
41 227 Paul Dean
42 229 Rowan Dean
43 260 Duncan McWilliam-Snow
44 231 Toby Dean
45 225 Gill Sinton
46 226 Eleanor Hemsley

Pencaitland’s regular community Litter Pick is set to take place on Sunday the 11th May from 2pm.

As with previous years the action kicks off from 2pm in Pencaitland’s Trevelyan Hall. Groups or families turning up will be given litter pickers and bags before heading off to various parts of, not only Pencaitland, but hopefully some of the other areas covered by the Community Council. We’re particularly keen to have groups or families who want to cover Glenkinchie or New Winton this year.

This year's free prize draw, open to all under-16s taking part in the Litter Pick, is a Samsung ST72 16MP camera with 8GB card included.

This year’s free prize draw, open to all under-16s taking part in the Litter Pick, is a Samsung ST72 16MP camera with 8GB card included.

Then, once your area has been covered, pop on back to Trevelyan Hall with your haul of flotsam and jetsam where there will be refreshments and the opportunity for anyone under 16 to participate in our free Prize Draw for a fabulous compact Digital Camera. This year it’s a Samsung ST72 digital camera and it comes with an 8GB memory card so you’re ready to go.

For 2014’s Litter Pick we are working with Clean Up Scotland, part of the charity Keep Scotland Beautiful. We’ll also be handing out tabards to make everyone stand out as they seek out the oddest item of rubbish.

Last year we had a great selection of litter oddities including a truck mud guard, four car hubs, signs, clothes, shoes and many many cans, bottles and crisp packets. Let’s see if we can find even more unusual stuff this time round.

At the 2013 event more than 50 people came along and helped make the Litter Pick a great success. This year we want to beat 2013’s numbers, so make a date in your diary and come help make your community a place we can all be proud of…

Bring your Camera

If you have a camera please grab some photos during your Litter Pick and email them to us at website@pencaitland.org where we will then feature them on the website.

Some snaps from last year’s event

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The Courier reported on last week's display by developers Gladman of the field south of Lamberton Court in Pencaitland.

The Courier reported on last week’s display by developers Gladman of the field south of Lamberton Court in Pencaitland.

Each year Pencaitland Community Council seeks to give financial help towards the work of local groups. If you run, or know those running, a local community organisation read on to find out how to apply.

Pencaitland Scouts were just one of eight local community groups to benefit from Community Council support in 2013.

Pencaitland Scouts were just one of eight local community groups to benefit from Community Council support in 2013.

Each year Pencaitland’s Community Council seeks to make available funds to help support the efforts of local groups working for and with members, young and old, of the local community around Pencaitland, New Winton and Glenkinchie. Typically these are only small sums of money as the Community Council itself receives very limited funding support from East Lothian Council.

Last year the Community Council was able to award between £100 and £200 to eight different groups active in the area. Examples of past support include funds to New Winton and Boggs Holdings for maintenance of local community halls, cash towards books for Pencaitland Parish Church, money to assist the local Rainbows Pack and many other beneficiaries over the years.

If you work with a local group in the community, to be considered for funding support we ask for the following:

  • What does your group do in the community?
  • How much do you require?
  • What will the funds you are seeking be used for?

Whilst we cannot guarantee that the Community Council will be able to meet funding requests, we will do our best to allocate what we do have as fairly as possible.

How to Apply

The Community Council will consider all requests it receives before the 15th of February. Please email your funding request to chair@pencaitland.org or, if you would like to discuss it first you can contact any of the Community Council members or call the Chair Ralph Averbuch on 01875 340 641.

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A regular fixture in the annual calendar, Pencaitland Primary School’s PTA and the local Playgroup are holding a 10K & 5K fun run on Saturday 26th April.

The warm up begins... a small section of the crowd that developed into a flash mob of Zumba fans during the 2013 Fun Run

The warm up begins… a small section of the crowd that developed into a flash mob of Zumba fans during the 2013 Fun Run. Click for entry forms and map.

All are welcome to take part with something for everyone. For the more committed runners there is the 10 kilometre circuit. There are also options of both 5K and 3.5K along with a family oriented 10K cycle. The Pencaitland Fun Run offers a unique opportunity to run off-road through some of East Lothian’s most beautiful countryside and Winton House estate.

All proceeds go to two of the village’s locally registered charities — Pencaitland Primary School Parent and Teachers Association and Pencaitland Playgroup.

How to enter

Entries can be made online right now for both the 10K and 5K routes through www.entrycentral.com. Entries for the Junior 5k, family 3.5K and 10K cycle route can be made to Pencaitland Primary school office in paper format. Even if you’re a late starter, the organisers will be accepting entries right up to the day of the race.

On the day all participants will need to register which starts from 1pm in the school Hall. There will also be a warm up Zumba session from 1.45pm on the day with the first of the races heading off from 2pm. Numbers will be issued at registration and the organisers are keen to ensure those taking part write their emergency contact details on the reverse. St Andrews Ambulance will be on site to help with any accidents or incidents during the day’s activities.

Useful Documents

Family Registration form 2014
10K & 5K Registration Form 2014
Route Map and Marshall Points 2014

Pictures from the 2013 Fun Run

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Last December Winton Estate took members of East Lothian Council and local community leaders from Pencaitland, New Winton and Ormiston on a site visit of the estate.

The primary role of that visit was to allow the Estate to demonstrate what it currently does to generate income and discuss ideas for ways it may be extended and diversified in the future.

Ideas included the potential to revive, reinstate and redevelop existing sites such as Winton Hill to more ambitious plans to potentially generate income from sand and gravel extraction on the Estate, which then leads to leisure opportunities in creating an artificial water reserve.

Community leaders generally were open to hearing more and left heartened by the Estate enthusiasm to engage with local opinion on its plans.

A tour for the whole community

Of course, the thoughts and views of the community are not simply those held by elected councillors from East Lothian Council nor those sitting on local Community Councils. So, in an effort to reach out to the widest possible audience potentially affected by any future developments, Winton Estate is holding a further tour on the 25th of January. Below is an open invitation from owner Francis Ogilvy made to any locals living in and around Pencaitland, Boggs Holdings and district.

Francis & Dorothy Ogilvy in the grounds of Winton House and Estate

Francis & Dorothy Ogilvy in the grounds of Winton House and Estate

Please come to the Pencaitland and Winton Bowling Club next Saturday, 25th January at 1.00pm for a soup and sandwiches lunch, followed by a brief tour of Winton Estate. We shall aim to return to the Clubhouse for further refreshments and a time of discussion.

The purpose of the tour is to hear what the local community would like the adjoining Winton Estate to do in the future. It is also to share some of the estate ideas we have and to see how a process of dialogue can be taken forward to develop ideas generally. The desire is to secure mutual benefit and plan for the long term of the village and the estate where practically possible. We have already held tours for members of the community and county councils as well as other officials at national and local levels. We are now seeking to consult directly with adjacent village communities. We have met in New Winton and two tours are taking place next Saturday with Ormiston in the morning and Pencaitland in the afternoon.

This is an early stage in a consultation exercise, intended to enable myself and a community planning colleague, Nick Wright the opportunity to listen to views from the community. I have my own ideas and I shall share some of these on the day, however they are not fixed or the whole process would be nullified from the outset. Even if you are unable to attend next week, it would be appreciated if you could pass this invitation on to anyone you may consider likely to be interested to come along. I should ask, however that my colleague, Audrey Stevenson be alerted for the sake of catering and transportation as numbers are limited. Her email address is audrey@wintonhouse.co.uk or a message can be left on the Winton phone 01875 340 222.

For transportation purposes there is a limit to how many spaces are available on the mini tour bus, so if you are interested in attending we recommend you get in touch early to secure a place.

Some facts about Winton Estate…

  • Winton Estate comprises 2,500 acres
  • Winton House is considered one of the most architecturally important buildings in the UK
  • The House is used to provide corporate and private hospitality
  • There are two self catering properties on the estate
  • It employs 34 people (half part-time) plus temporary seasonal staff
  • Farmland makes up two thirds of the estate
  • Managed woodland covers 850 acres including Saltoun Big Wood
  • 100 acres of farmland were converted back to broadleaf woodland
  • £1.25 million has been invested on the woods over the last ten years
  • There is 12 miles of pathway around the estate – The Winton Walks
  • There are 30 estate houses and cottages
  • A third of the estate houses are occupied by staff
  • Three fields next to the Tyne river on the estate contain high quality sand and gravel


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After the Christmas break the kids of both cub & beaver packs returned to their regular Thursday evening activities… with just one exception; a new venue.

Following a year using Trevelyan Hall, the scouts have now moved to Pencaitland Primary School’s gym hall.

Pencaitland Cubs are now based in Pencaitland Primary School Gym Hall for regular Thursday activities.

Pencaitland Cubs are now based in Pencaitland Primary School Gym Hall for regular Thursday activities.

Joining Pencaitland Scouts

Are you interested in having your child join the fun or even helping out yourself? Fill out the form below to join the Scouts in Pencaitland or, if you have problems viewing it, just click here.

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Due to planned works to extend a gas main to Glenkinchie and upgrade the road surface, the A6093 at the Tyne Bridge will be closed.

The A6093 at the Tyne Bridge will be closed to road traffic (but open to pedestrians) from January 20th to February 10th.

The A6093 at the Tyne Bridge will be closed to road traffic (but open to pedestrians) from January 20th to February 10th.

Carried out by contractor Fulcrum, information began to emerge earlier this week with the appearance of signs at the eastern entrance to the village explaining some of the details to motorists. The most significant disruption occurs between the 20th of January and 10th of February when the Tyne Bridge will be closed to road traffic but, crucially, it will remain open for pedestrians, cyclists and anyone using a pram or wheelchair.

Outside the actual road closure dates, roads works begin on the 6th of January and are expected to finish by the end of February with most delays expected during rush hour, as work on other parts of the A6093 through Pencaitland will use temporary traffic signals.

Today the Community Council received a more detailed breakdown of what is set to happen and when from Bill Laird, the Road Network Officer at East Lothian Council, which we are reproducing below.

The closure will be from Lempockwells Road at the west end eastwards to the west side of the entrance to Pencaitland Parish Church / Old Pencaitland House where the carriageway widens sufficient for the use of traffic signals.

During the closure the residents of the lodge house of the estate and Dovecot Way will still have access .

Pedestrian access will be unrestricted.

The contractor will also take the opportunity to carry out works at the junction with Lempockwells Road in preparation for the remainder of their programme – this will ensure that they are clear of this junction when the other works commence.

Works are likely to commence in the village week commencing 6th January – under standard 2-way traffic control but with a suspension of parking – Main Road – (Church to crossroads), then after the closure week commencing 10th February on Lempockwells Road (Main Road to Huntlaw Road) and Huntlaw Road (Lempockwells Road to railway bridge at No 45)

EL Road Services will surface the closed section of road week commencing 3rd February – 1 week only this is part of our capital programme of surfacing works and we are taking the opportunity of the road closure to complete the works and reduce the impact on the residents of the village. At this time the works will NOT include anything other than surfacing of the carriageway and re-applied road markings.

Apart from reinstating any excavations Fulcrum will not be undertaking any works on our behalf.

The contractor has also been asked to produce a letter to be issued directly to those properties adjacent to the streets listed and to supply a copy to me so that I can pass it on to you. They have also agreed to consult with the community council, school and bus companies – advance warning signs are already in place.

Where possible I want to make sure that as many people are aware of the works and effect it will have on their daily travel.

Bill Laird

The Community Council has also been contacted by contractors Fulcrum. The company’s Project Manager for this work, John McLuskey, is keen to hear from anyone with specific questions about the planned works which he will endeavour to answer. John can be contacted via email.

Please remember to share this information with any neighbours and friends living locally, to ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the expected disruption in advance.

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