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The No. 113 bus, run by a wholly owned subsidiary of Lothian Buses, is set to introduce a new timetable from the end of October.

Come the end of the month a new bus timetable is being introduced on the 113 route to/from Pencaitland

Come the end of October a new bus timetable is being introduced on the 113 route to/from Pencaitland

Coming into operation on Sunday 28 October, the effect will be immediate. The entire Sunday timetable is to be changed.

It will still be an hourly service but leaving Pencaitland at 52 minutes past the hour rather than the current 40 minutes past. On the 113’s return route from the Western General Hospital it will depart at 27 minutes past the hour instead of 9 minutes past. All Sunday bus users will need to check because there are other detailed changes too.

The most significant change will be an extra early morning departure at 6am from Pencaitland from Monday to Friday.

The existing first service will be re-timed from 6.35am to 6.30am, with the 7am and 7.25am departures staying as they are, thus making a 30 min interval business service. The evening services back from Edinburgh are more or less unchanged but with the irregular gaps around 8.20pm evened out. However, there are important differences in the detail. In the early evening buses will continue to and from the Western General Hospital for an extra hour, after which buses will use the West End; most likely Charlotte Square rather than Hanover Street as the city Centre terminus.

For the bus enthusiasts out there, the Double Deckers are to be replaced by new Singles (photo) with additional seats on the Musselburgh to Edinburgh section provided by extra No. 44s to relieve the pressure on the Singles.

Our thanks to Barry Hutton for providing the information in this update.