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From 10am on Sunday the StopwatchGardener (aka Sheila Averbuch) ran a sale of rare and unusual plants in order to raise funds for the neurodegenerative disorder Neuroacanthocytosis.

Only 10 people in the UK are known to have the genetic disease.

Rare Plants for Rare Diseases Sale - Sunday 6 May 2012

Despite the weather threatening to close in once again, most of the sale remained dry and sunny, with many crowding into the garden to enjoy locally baked goods and hot drinks.

Almost £900 was raised (now £930), with more proceeds expected over the next fortnight.

Huge thanks to all the plant specialists who donated rare or unusual examples towards the fundraiser and for all the help from many locals who produced some excellent baking for the day.

You can get further background on the plant sale by visiting the Stopwatchgardener website.

Below are a few photos from the day.

Or some video…

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